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The Lipid/oil was extracted from reduced dried primary sewage sludge particle using soxhlet extraction method with Hexane and Ethanol in the ratio 2:1 as the extracting solvent. The extracted oil gave 0.58%percentage yield with density of 0.868 g/ml, pH value of 8.97, specific gravity of 0.868. The lipid/oil was brownish black in colour with a pungent smell. The chemical analyses revealed saponification value of 156.00mgKOH/g, acid value of 3.40mgKOH/g and free fatty acid value of 1.70%. The physicochemical analyses of the biodiesel produced revealed percentage yield of 21.70% biodiesel, density of 0.845Kg/ml, pH value of 8.30, specific gravity of 0.845, acid value of 0.37mg KOH/g, and free fatty acid of 0.2%. The physiochemical values from the research shows that the feedstock (primary sewage sludge) would be a good source for the production of biodiesel.

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