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Cancellation Policy

Manuscript Cancellation (Withdrawal) Policy

At Science View Journal (SCVJ), we are committed to providing a transparent and fair publication process. To maintain the integrity of our operations and ensure equitable treatment for all authors, we have established the following Cancellation Policy. We kindly request all authors to thoroughly review this policy before submitting their manuscripts for consideration.

We at SCVJ believe in maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity throughout the publication journey. This Cancellation Policy is designed to protect the interests of all parties involved while upholding our commitment to delivering quality research publications. We encourage authors to engage with us responsibly and communicate any concerns in adherence to these guidelines.

Publication Fee Refund

In the event that an author wishes to cancel their publication with SCVJ, a refund of 50% of the paid publication fee will be processed.

Formal Cancellation Request

Authors must submit a formal written request for cancellation via email to our editorial team at editor@scienceviewjournal.org. This request should include the author's name, contact information, and the manuscript title. We advise authors to use the subject line "Cancellation Request: [Manuscript Title]" for efficient processing. Additionally, the author must clearly state a cogent reason for the cancellation.

Timing of Cancellation Request

Cancellation requests will only be accepted before the manuscript has been accepted for publication. Once a manuscript has received acceptance, it cannot be withdrawn, and the publication fee is non-refundable.

Processing Time

SCVJ will process cancellation requests within 10 working days from the date of receipt. The refund, if applicable, will be issued through the original payment method.

Non-Refundable Component

Please note that any external or third-party processing fees (e.g., payment gateway fees) incurred during the transaction are non-refundable and will not be included in the 50% refund.

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