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  December 2022 Publications

This work is aimed at assessing the voltage profile and losses of the 330kV Nigerian National Grid (NNG). In order to carry out this assessment, data was collated from the National Control Centre, Osogbo. Data collated include; Single Line Diagram (SLD), Line and Bus data. The network is made up of 23 PV buses, 41 PQ buses and 91 transmission lines. Newton Raphson technique was employed in...

Antiseptic solutions used to minimize or remove bacteria or infectious agents on the hands are known as hand sanitizers. The influence of contact time on the antibacterial activity of hand sanitizers was investigated in this study. Standard laboratory techniques were used to evaluate five brands of hand sanitizers, designated as samples A, B, C, D, and E. Before applying the hand sanitizer, five...

Hospital staff apparel contributed to the spread of microbial infections in susceptible individuals. A survey of presence of pathogenic microorganisms of public health importance in personal protective equipment (PPE) and wears used by hospital staff and patients in hospital in Owerri, Nigeria were carried out to determine the extent of contamination by clinically important microorganisms. A...

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