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Peer Review Process

Manuscript Peer Review Process

Science View Journal (SCVJ) manuscript peer review process is double-blind; that is, the reviewer does not know who the manuscript author(s) is and the author(s) does not know who has reviewed the manuscript. All papers of the journal are peer reviewed by 2-3 independent reviewers. Acceptance is granted when two reviewer's recommendations are positive.

Peer Review Time Frame

The usual timeframe for manuscript evaluation falls within a 1 to 5-week window. In cases where there is a substantial variance in the reviewers' assessments or if there are unexplained delays in the review process, an additional expert opinion will be sought. Revisions to manuscripts are typically completed and sent back to the initial referees within the same 1 to 5-week timeframe. Reviewers may, in certain instances, request multiple revisions of a manuscript.

First Manuscript Evaluation

The initial phase involves a comprehensive assessment by the Editor of all submitted manuscripts. Manuscripts that do not meet the criteria at this stage typically fall short in terms of originality, exhibit significant scientific shortcomings, display language and grammatical issues, or fall outside the defined focus and scope of the journal. Those manuscripts that successfully pass the minimum criteria are subsequently forwarded to a minimum of two experts for a thorough review. Authors of manuscripts that do not meet the initial requirements will be promptly notified within one week of submission.

Peer Review Report

The following criteria are used to evaluate manuscripts in the the peer review report:

  1. Originality
  2. Scientific Quality
  3. Relevance to the Field(s) of the Journal
  4. Correctness of Abstract
  5. Introduction
  6. Literature Review
  7. Methodology
  8. Results
  9. Discussions
  10. Conclusions
  11. References/Bibliography
The quality and accuracy of figures and tables are also taken into consideration in the reviewer's final decision.

Peer Review Decision

The author will receive a final decision regarding the manuscript's acceptance or rejection after the review proces is completer, and all reports are submitted using the proper channel. This will encompass reviewers' suggestions, and might also incorporate direct feedback from the reviewers.

Plagiarism Check

We conduct a comprehensive plagiarism assessment on all submitted manuscripts as part of the peer review procedure, thus reinforcing the requirement for originality. To be considered for publication on our platform, each manuscript must contain a minimum of 70% unique content.

How We Selected Reviewers

Science View Journal (SCVJ) meticulously paires reviewers with papers based on their areas of specialization. Our database receives continuous updates. The SCVJ boasts a widely distributed and diverse team of review/editorial board members dedicated to ensuring the academic quality assurance of our publication platform.

Becoming a SCVJ Reviewer

Science View Journal extends an invitation to potential editorial board members who are enthusiastic about joining our review team to enhance the caliber and effectiveness of our publication. If you are keen to become a part of our team, kindly reach out to us via email at editor@scienceviewjournal.org. We appreciate it if you could include a concise self-introduction in your message.

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