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Publication Ethics

Authors Publication Ethics

Science View Journal (SCVJ) is committed to upholding rigorous publication ethics that facilitate the appropriate submission, acceptance, and publication of research papers in the domains of science, computing, and related technologies. These ethical guidelines, which govern the conduct of all stakeholders in the publication process, are detailed below:

Exclusive Publication Rights

Authors submitting their work to SCVJ must adhere to the principle of exclusive publication. This means that any manuscript submitted to SCVJ for consideration should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere, either in English or any other language, without explicit written consent from the copyright holder. The acceptance of a manuscript for publication by SCVJ implies that the author(s) commit to not submit the same work elsewhere.

Copyright and Third-Party Rights

Authors are required to ensure that no material incorporated into their manuscript infringes upon existing copyrights or the rights of third parties. It is the author's responsibility to secure any necessary permissions or licenses for the use of copyrighted material and to provide appropriate attribution where required.

Authorship and Authority

The author(s) of a manuscript should be the sole creator(s) of the work. They should possess the full authority to enter into agreements and grant rights, if any, to SCVJ without violating any other prior commitments or obligations. All named authors must have made a significant intellectual contribution to the research and should have agreed to the final version of the manuscript.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure

Authors should take measures to protect the integrity of their research and related works. Submissions to SCVJ should not breach any contracts, confidentiality agreements, or commitments to maintain secrecy. Authors are responsible for ensuring that the publication of their work will not result in violations of such obligations.

Clarity and Language Quality

Manuscripts submitted to SCVJ should be composed in clear, correct, and unambiguous language. Authors are expected to ensure the linguistic quality of their work. If necessary, authors may engage third-party language editing services to improve the quality of the English language used in their submissions.

Ethical Research Conduct

Authors are required to uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct in experimentation and research. This includes adherence to established ethical guidelines for research involving human subjects, animals, and any other relevant ethical considerations. Authors must ensure the accuracy and integrity of their data and results, and report any potential conflicts of interest.

In summary, SCVJ's publication ethics emphasize the exclusivity of submissions, respect for copyright and third-party rights, authorship integrity, protection of confidentiality, linguistic clarity, and the ethical conduct of research. Authors, as key stakeholders in the scholarly publishing process, are expected to adhere to these ethical standards to maintain the integrity and credibility of their work and the journal.

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