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  An Investigative Study on the Challenges and Implementation of Database Unification in Different Governmental Agencies for a better Nigerian Economy
AUTHORS:   Ugochukwu-Ibe Ijeoma Mary

This paper examined how to sustain a better Nigerian economy in a POST COVID ERA through the unification of databases in key sectors. The multiples of datasets and data repositories currently available in the major sectors of the economy charged with the responsibilities of collecting the biodata of Nigerian citizens and the populaces were discussed. The paper also discussed the problems affecting database unification in Nigeria with emphasis on different IT Infrastructures and Systems which affect harmonisation and synchronisation. Other factors that bother on data unification challenges were discussed. The paper also examined the different data repositories available in governmental agencies in the country. Existing templates used by these governmental agencies formed part of the data collected. The paper also enumerated solutions to database unification in Nigeria and emphasized its benefits to the Nigerian Economy. The researcher made some research findings, significant suggestions and recommendations on how the process of database unification can be successfully carried out. A sample unified template was proposed for data unification amongst governmental agencies in Nigeria.

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