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  A Survey of Power Quality Enhancement in Distribution of System of Lines Using Distribution Static Synchronous Compensator
AUTHORS:   P. T. Ogunboyo

Distribution Static Synchronous Compensator (DSTATCOM) is a power electronics tool joined in parallel to the system of lines to mitigate the power quality disruptions such as electric potential swell, sag, electric potential imbalance, electric potential and current harmonics voltage spike, flicker, electric potential fluctuations related to the secondary system of lines.. DSTATCOM provides electric potential control and adequate mitigation for disturbances related with distribution of system lines in community. DSTATCOM is a3-phase device that produces/ take in the dynamic power which the final outcome can transformed suitable situation to deal with specific and accurate able to change quantity of the system of lines. This article offers a critical look to the researches on the DSTATCOM for energy quality enhancement in electric distribution systems. It explains the basic elements and configuration of DSTATCOM, the operation mode of DSTATCOM, principle of operation of DSTATCOM, DSTATCOM configurations, and DSTATCOM control strategies in the electric distribution network.

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