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  A Study on the Larvicidal Properties of Ethanolic Leaf Extracts of lupinus arboreus (Yellow Bush) On Mosquito
AUTHORS:   A. U. Ozurumba, F. O. Ekechi

This work investigated the larvicidal properties of the leaf extracts of yellow bush (Lupinus arboreus). The leaves of Lupinus arboreus and mosquito larvae were collected from Ihiagwa and Nekede, Owerri, Imo State respectively using sterile containers. The leaves were washed, air dried and grinded into powdery form using a blender. 50 g of the sample was soaked in 250ml of ethanol and shaken at regular intervals. After 48 hours of soaking, the percolates were then filtered using whatman filter paper and the solvent (ethanol) evaporated using rotary evaporator to obtain ethanol extract of Lupinus arboreus. Phytochemical studies was also conducted qualitatively to identify the presence of bioactive chemical constituents. The results showed that all the mosquito larvae were weakened after 10-20 minutes of observations at different concentrations of 20ml/15mi, 40ml/15ml, 80ml/15ml and 160ml/15ml obtained from the stock solution of 5g of extract in 15ml of distilled water. The mortality rate of the larvae after 24 hours at different concentrations ranged from 2-10. The highest mortality rate occurred at 160ml/15ml concentration with mortality rate of 10. The mortality rate of mosquito l

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