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  Effects of Processing Methods on the Cyanide Level of Fufu (A Manihot Species Product)Effects of Processing Methods on the Cyanide Level of Fufu (A Manihot Species Product)
AUTHORS:   A. U. Ozurumba, S. C. Onyewenjo

The work on the effects of processing method on the cyanide content of fufu was carried out using standard chemical procedures. The processing methods include wet cooking and pounding and the dry, stirred methods. The cyanide content of samples from both processing methods was determined using the alkaline titration method. The results obtained showed that the cyanide content of the wet cooked and pounded fufu was 20.52mg/kg while that of the dry cooked and stirred sample had 18.36mg/kg. The raw uncooked cassava paste had cyanide level of 42.12mg/kg while the standard WHO permissible limit for cyanide in cassava is 10mg/kg. Processing appreciably reduces the cyanide level in cassava but the present study suggests that the dry cooking with stirring is more effective in the reduction of cyanide. Thorough processing of cassava meal is emphasized to remove much of the toxic cyanide content for the safety of consumers.

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