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  Effects of Frying Time on the Concentration of Cyanide in Garri (A Fermented Cassava Product)
AUTHORS:   U. Ozurumba, S. C. Onyewenjo

The study investigated the effects of roasting time on the cyanide content of garri, a cassava meal commonly consumed in many parts of the world especially, Africa. Tubers of cassava were obtained from Umuna Okigwe, peeled and grinded. The pulp was packed into a cotton bag, dewatered and allowed to ferment under pressure using locally fabricated mechanical press. A calculated quantity (80g), was placed in a metallic basin and placed on a fireplace and fried. 15g each of the roasting sample were removed after 10, 20, 30 and 35 minutes frying intervals and subjected to alkaline titration method to determine their cyanide content. Results show that 10mins, 20 mins, 30 mins and 35 mins. roasted garri yielded 19.44mg/kg, 10.8mg/kg, 10.8mg/kg and 9.72mg/kg of cyanide respectively. It is therefore strongly recommended that the roasting time of garri be maximized to effectively reduce the cyanide contents of food product.

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