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  Utilising Big Data Analytics in the E-Government Health Sector
AUTHORS:   U. Nwogu, C. A. N. Nwachukwu, A. Cassia, U. E. Omenka, P. U. Sunday, R. U. Iheruo

The world has witnessed massive technological improvements in the Information Technology (IT) sector, giving rise to unprecedented IT penetration into every facet of life and daily living. It has affected the way we live and interact, the way businesses are conducted, and most especially how the government makes decisions that affect its citizenry. Presently, government officials deploy IT techniques in their decision-making process to reach the ever-growing needs of their populace. The traditional approach to large data processing is proving difficult. Hence, the dawn of Big Data Analytics, a phenomenon that describes the processing of large volumes of datasets, being generated at a very high velocity, coming in various forms, and are largely unstructured. This paper will examine literatures on Big Data Analytics and its application in e-government. A prototype framework which is divided into two will be proposed for its application. The first section will have the Hadoop infrastructure deployed for distributed storage in clusters, while the second section will use a machine learning software – Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis (WEKA) for data mining.

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