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  An Investigative Study on the Challenges and Implementation of Database Unification in Different Governmental Agencies for a better Nigerian Economy
By Ugochukwu-Ibe Ijeoma Mary

This paper examined how to sustain a better Nigerian economy in a POST COVID ERA through the unification of databases in key sectors. The multiples of datasets and data repositories currently available in the major sectors of the economy charged with the responsibilities of collecting the biodata of Nigerian citizens and the populaces were discussed. The paper also discussed the problems...

  Effect of aqueous extract of Costus afer leaves on some haematological indices in albino rats
By Osuchukwu C.O., Onwusonye,J.C., Geoffrey

Costus afer is a plant used in Nigeria as a household therapy for the treatment of many ailments. In this study, an attempt was made to evaluate the effect of aqueous extract of Costus afer leaves on some haematological indices in albino rats. Twenty albino rats were used in the study. The rats weredivided into five groups of four each. Group A rats (control group) were...

  Synthesis and Characterisation of Zinc (II) Complex of 1,10-Phenanthroline
By Ogbuagu Obiaku Efuru, Prof. Ogwuegbu M.O.C., Dr. Onyedika Gerald O., Akanazu Grace Onyekachi, Isemede Austin

Stoichiometric addition of solutions of 1,10-Phenanthroline (phen) to metal salt was used to synthesize bis(1,10-phenanthroline) zinc (II) complex at room temperature, cream-coloured crystals were constituted when the metal salt-ligand mixture was stirred consistently for 30 minutes and left to stand at room temperature. Job’s method of continuous variation was used to ascertain the...

  Th effect of pesticide applications on the oxidative and antioxidative status of yellow and white maize ( zea mays ) seedlings
By Luckong C.B., Ifemeje J.C ., Duru C.M and Nnadozie chimezie

Zea mays commonly referred to as maize or corn is a member of the family poaceae. It is a robust monoecious annual plant cultivated throughout the world. Uncontrolled usage of pesticides can lead to the development of oxidative stress in plant tissues. The present study evaluates the effect of pesticides applications on the oxidative and antioxidative status of yellow and white( Zea mays)...

By Nkwocha Promise Chukwunyerem, Emeka Emmanuel Oguzie, Verla Evelyn Ngozi , Verla Andrew Wirnkor

Sediments deposited along roads are dust particles found along road surfaces, recognized as an important source of contamination in urban environments. Eighteen deposits were collected from the six major roads leading into Owerri town. Samples were characterized for physicochemical parameters including- particle size distribution, electrical conductivity, pH, organic matter, temperature, moisture...


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